9mm CMMG Guard Spring / Buffer Testing

Did some preliminary testing on smoothness with the Tubbs flat wire comparing to the Sprinco Green and no-name AR rifle spring and think the Tubbs flat wire was the smoothest.  After that did all testing with the Tubb’s flat wire.

Testing below was with custom 5.1 oz tungsten carrier weight.
H2 RoF too fast and couldn’t get singles
H3 As seen on timer only got 7 rounds tried another time and got to around 8 rounds before malfunction again.  Was also bouncy
The Enidine Hydraulic was noticeably stiffer to compress than the Blitzkrieg/Kynshot
Blitzkrieg/Kynshot seemed to be the smoothest but did encounter some malfunctions which I think was due to just too much weight.
AAC tungsten was kind of bouncy and didnt’ lock the bolt back.
MGI was also bouncy and didn’t lock the bolt back.
The Griffin Armament AR SOB was surprisingly quite good and I’d say the best choice behind the hydraulics….Enidine and Blitzkrieg/Kynshot.
Did a little bit of testing with no weight and it was just too fast although quite smooth.
Finally switched to the 3.5 oz Colt Steel carrier weight.
Didn’t encounter anymore malfunctions with the Blitzkrieg/Kynshot, singles were quite easy to get.
Enidine was noticeably more bouncy than the Blitzkrieg/Kynshot.  Wonder how an carbine Kynshot would do compared to the Enidine since the Blitzkrieg/Kynshot is not as stiff.
Again, Griffin Armament AR SOB was pretty good and would probably use that if was not able to use the Blitzkrieg/Kynshot.
All pictured RoF results below were with a standard steel Colt 9mm bolt weight (3.5 oz) except for the AAC 7.4 oz buffer was done with 5.1 oz tungsten carrier weight.

Enidine Hydraulic buffer – 4.3 ozEnidine-A5-Tubbs 

H3 buffer 5.3 oz

Slowest ROF AAC 7.4oz buffer w/ 5.1 Tungsten carrier weight – bouncy and didn’t lock bolt back.


Griffin Armament AR-SOB buffer – 4.8 ozGriffinSOB-A5-Tubbs 

Blitzkrieg / Kynshot 9mm Hydraulic buffer – 5.9 ozKynshotBlitzkrieg-A5-Tubbs

A5 Buffer Length – HeavyBuffers.com

Blitzkrieg/Kynshot 9mm buffer (RB5007) – compressed

Blitzkrieg/Kynshot 9mm buffer (RB5007) – extended

Blitzkrieg/Kynshot 9mm buffer (RB5007) – weight