Home of the custom DocterOptics Uzi Mount – the FIRST (now being copied) and ONLY true co-witnessing optics setup for the Uzi family (FULL size, MINI and MICRO/Pistol (Note that the MICRO/UZI Pistol does not co-witness)).

Full Size UZI
Parkerized full size UZI topcover with custom base welded to topcover.

Picture below shows that the base is welded from the bottom.

Close up of the custom base detail. The custom base is machined to accept the Burris Fastfire base with no mods. The Burris Fastfire base will also work for the Docter Optics.

Mini UZI is done the same way

The base on the Mini is like a bridge so that the slot cover can go under it.

This is what the sight picture looks like on the full size and Mini. (Note that the 200M rear sight needs to be enlarged to get clearer sight picture like this, I typically like .25″)  Rear sights are really hard and you really need carbide to cut them.  Original spare Model B style sights are also pretty rare these days.  Original SMG / Model A style are still very common.

MICRO UZI – the Micro / UZI Pistol will not co-witness. It is close but not quite.