BoreBuddy solid brass                                                                              BoreBuddy Brass Adjustable with no weights

BoreBuddy w/ smaller weights                                                               BoreBuddy w/ larger weights

BoreBuddy adjustable w/ all weights

Typically how I run my kit is just using the standard 1 oz Ciener kit weight in this 16″ barreled upper and it is very reliable and accurate.  In the testing below, the 4 tests below were done in this order and all on the same day.  No cleaning or lubing performed between tests.  10 rounds loaded for each test.

Spike’s weight is slightly lighter and surprisingly ran a bit slower.

CMMG weight is the lightest even more surprising ran the slowest.

Lastly, custom SS was run and it just may be too heavy for this configuration.  Fired 6 of the 10 rounds and then a malfunction.

With the heaviest brass adjustable configuration was finally able to get under 1,000 RPM.  The adjustable BoreBuddy tungsten weights are machined so that they can slide inside the brass weight.  I think that is why this heavier weight works while the 1.3 or 1.6 solid weights wouldn’t work.