Gemtech Ti HALO vs Thread Mount Omega

For the Ti HALO, looking at about 7.25″ from the shoulder of the barrel to the end of the suppressorTiHALO-A1_Length

Weight is 14.5oz for Ti HALO + an A1 FH

About 6.0625″ for the Omega w/ the direct thread mount and flat end cap.

Weight is 13.8 oz for the Omega w/ the thread mount and flat end cap.

Weight is shown as being the same when using the anchor brake.

Almost 7″ when using the ASR mount and flat endcap

Omega goes up to 18.2 Oz when using the flat end cap or anchor brake. (Also have an ASR Muzzle brake in the mount as barely seen in the picture)

Scale showed the same weight when trying the anchor brake or flat end cap although when weighing the flat end cap vs the anchor brake separately it shows the anchor as being .1 oz heavier.


Length goes up to 7.8125″ when using the ASR mount (measuring to the back of the ASR muzzle brake) and anchor brake